Our Facilities

Circular Knitting

Al-Hadi Textile has the latest technology in Circular knitting. We have machines with different diameters and Gauges.

Greige Fabric

The greige fabric is checked here to mark any knitting defects in fabric. After knitting of fabric lots are prepared and job cards are issued.

Elastic Machines

Some of the customers require stronger elastic with more intensity which is not available in the market, so we have installed our own machines for manufacturing elastic.

Dyeing & Finishing

We have world renowned Eco-Soft Swiss made Scholl machines and German made Thies Dye machines for Cotton and Polyester, up to 1000 Kg. capacity.

Ballooning Squeezers – Corino made in Italy, up to 14000 kg/day Capacity on the rolls, fabric is filled with air, it de-twists the fabric to wash out all unfixed dyes and chemicals, as well as fluff from the fabric which makes the fabric look clean, bright and shiny; it improves the appearance of the fabric.

We have world class conveyer dryer (‘Santex’ Swiss made) Santa Shrink with vibrator and with tumbling effect for better shrinkage and dimensional stability.

There are 2 Italian made Ferrero compactors for compacting fabric by means of required size and controlling of shrinkage.
5 big tumblers to control shrinkage and to deliver pre-shrunk goods.

Italian made Corino fabric slitting machine is used for opening tubular fabrics. It has computer eye which senses the drop needle for the cutting of the fabric so that 100% exact cutting is obtained.

Stenter – Bruckner from Germany, is the heat setting machine, the width of the Stenter is 3 meters that is to say 108 inches. For open width fabric, it is heat treated to eliminate the internal tension within the fibers with wave straightners to control bowing. During the process the width of the fabric is stretched to the required dimension. This Stenter also controls the GSM of the fabric.

There are two boilers, one of which is a standby so that there is no delay or halt in work for one boiler not being available.

Laboratory (Quality Control)

Procedures and tests in this lab are based on latest technology so that our leadership in manufacturing high quality textile is ensured.

Lights for color matching ensure uniformity and high quality. Some of the more prominent test are: Shrinkage of the fabric, color fastness, rubbing fastness, a record of the GSM of the fabric of each order kept.

Lab dips ensure the right tint and shade of the color. This helps the clients decide if we are matching their requirement or not.


This is our cutting department. Before cutting the fabric all lots of fabric are checked on the checking table to detect knitting and other fabric defects.

The fabric is cut as per customer's specifications in different qualities and sizes.


The entire stitching process is done on different floors. This department is equipped with Kingtex Back latcher over locking machines, flat lock, elastic attachment machines, two needle machines, zip attachments and Single needle machines.

All these machines are imported from different European Countries.


After stitching, every sheet is checked to find stitching faults. Another pair of quality controller checks the workmanship which includes stitching, label, elastic and cropping.

Packing & Dispatch

Vigilance remains on till the product is put into the poly bags and the consignment given the last touches.